Playful Learning Keynote Speakers

Seann Dikkers

Zork Veteran

Kip Glazer

D20 of Literature Education

Sujata Bhatt

Educational Innovator

Playful Learning

GLS is thrilled to feature a “polyvocal” keynote at this year’s Playful Learning Summit.  We’re honored to have Sujata Bhatt, Kip Glazer, and Seann Dikkers join us! Kip Glazer is an award winning teacher with a track record in coaching academic teams. She connected her high school seniors with sixth graders in three Chicago middle schools with the help of the Digital Youth Network. Sujata Bhatt is a founder of innovatED.LA as well as the designer and founder of the Incubator School whose mission is to produce the entrepreneurial teams of tomorrow. She specializes in finding opportunities that connect siloed communities within schools, and across the schools and the public and private sectors. Seann Dikkers is the founder and director of Gaming Matter, investigating new media integration strategies for educational leadership, teaching, and learning. Don’t miss this unique opportunity from these three education innovators about why playful learning matters – register here.


The CFP for workshops is now closed – thanks to those who submitted!  Notifications about PLS workshop facilitation will be sent by mid-April.


GLS is also excited to announce that for the third year in a row, the PLS is partnering with the ARIS Summit.  For more details about the ARIS Summit click here or contact David Gagnon.