-Econauts Goes Live!-

We’re proud to announce the soft launch of Econauts, a multi-player, real-time strategy for exploring complex ecology interactions. Truly courting danger with taunts, we’re releasing Econauts via a live demo at GLS in which actual, live middle schoolers will play the game at GLS. What could possibly go wrong?

Econauts will be released via iTunes this summer. There are 3 main questions we have for this build of Econauts:

1) Are players picking up on the core game aesthetic and scientific idea - competition over scarce resources with a shared common fate?. In previous tests, players have picked up on it quickly, but more evidence is needed to test this idea.

2) How do players respond to the characters & art style. Midway through development, the project felt too “simulation-ish”. With plenty of quality simulation games out there, we wanted to really test whether art, character, story and theme could further increase engagement.

3) What do researchers, teachers, and students think about the real-time data provided? Using ADAGE, data about players’ activity and the ecological state of the world will be presented live and in real time. We are excited about these features but haven’t integrated them into the learning experience yet!