-Custom Technologies-

GLS Studios puts learning and entertainment goals first and uses technologies to support them. We use off-the-shelf technologies, assets, and packages when it saves time and money, and can build custom software or hardware when needed. Many of our projects work use the Unity Platform, HTML 5.0, and / or Ruby.

Over the years weve built and refined custom tools for:

* Immersive, 3D story browser-based games
* Deploying on arcade cabinets with remote data collection
* Distributed, multiplayer simulation-based games on iPads
* Multi-player touch screens
* Gathering remote player data and presenting learning analytics

With over 150 years experience in academic technology, AAA games, and indie games, our team is experienced across multiple domains and contexts. We advise a variety of partners on selecting appropriate technological solutions.


GLS develops for and deploys across a wide range of platforms including: